Patriots Prove they have no Rivals

Over the last 15 years, the New England Patriots have had a unique and strong connection to the Mannings, Peyton and Eli. The yearly battles between Peyton and Tom Brady have become vital to their respective legacies, and people consider Eli and the Giants the Patriots lone true rival because of their 2-0 Super Bowl record against New England.

Yesterday, however, we saw Peyton Manning have possibly the worst game by a quarterback in NFL history, completing 5 passes to his team and 4 to the Kansas City Chiefs defense. Peyton now has thrown 17 interceptions on the year; he is no longer just an injured, still-amazing quarterback, but rather a washed-up 39 year old with nothing left in the tank.

Late Sunday provided the Patriots the chance to finally overcome their “rival”, the New York Giants. I use the word rival loosely, because to be a rival the Giants would need to be similar in success; and besides those 2 wins, the Giants have been pretty abysmal the past few seasons.

The bottom line is that teams have come and gone during the Patriots 15 year run, but the lone constant is New England at the top of the mountain. They always end up at the top, something no other team can claim. Over the past 15 seasons, there is no team that can match what has been accomplished in Foxborough.

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