Sports News 10/31

Patriots Thursday Night: The Patriots routed the Dolphins Thursday night 36-7. The Dolphins were coming off two consecutive wins under interim coach Dan Campbell, but ran into the wall that is Brady and Belichick on Thursday night (9-0 now). The Patriots now have a 2 game lead in the division, and it seems like they may already have the AFC East wrapped up.

Jets being ridiculous: A report came out today claiming that the Jets not only had their locker room swept for bugs before last week’s game at New England, but also interrogated a couple of Patriots employees on the sideline. Once again, it seems a team has gone out of their way to try and accuse the Pats of cheating, and once again the NFL has claimed nothing was being done wrong; the guys were just there to replace the batteries in the ref’s microphone when needed.

J.T. Barrett: OSU QB J.T. Barrett was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence, and was bailed out and taken home by backup Cardale Jones. Barrett is suspended for next week vs. Minnesota, and hopefully this is the last time a Heisman-quality player like Barrett deals with police.

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