10/28 Sports News

World Series Game 1: Royals beat the Mets 5-4 in 14 innings, to take a 1-0 lead in the Series. The biggest news out of the game was probably the fact the starting pitcher for the Royals, Edison Volquez, had his dad die from heart disease about 5 minutes before the game, but the team decided not to tell him and let him pitch. While some people may feel this was a bad move by the team, I disagree. If it was any other game then sure, I can understand telling Volquez and giving the start to someone else. However, this is a World Series Game, and while I’m sure Volquez would want to know when a family member has died, I also feel that any athlete would regret for the rest of their life missing a chance to play in a championship game.

FIFA: Sepp Blatter, the suspended FIFA president, gave an interview yesterday. In the interview, his agent claimed that Blatter still views himself as president, and if the February election does not produce a unanimous winner, Blatter may try to take back his power and position. In addition, Blatter lashed out at suspended VP Michael Platini, who is considered a favorite to win the election to replace Blatter. However, people in FIFA that have been accused of bribery and corruption, Blatter included, have come out with negative comments concerning Platini’s ethics.

NBA Opening Night: For some reason, the defending Eastern champion Cavs had to play a season-opening road game at rival Chicago, and lost 97-95. LeBron James had a chance to hit a tying layup with 3 seconds left, but was blocked by Pau Gasol. On the ensuing inbounds pass, Mo Williams failed to find a teammate, ending the game. The other game I watched was the Warriors come out and dominate the Pelicans, 111-95. After getting their awesome championship rings (maybe the coolest ever), Steph Curry came out and defended his MVP award with 24 first quarter points, and finished the game with 40. Anthony Davis, the future face of the NBA alongside Curry, struggled with 18 points on 4 of 20 shooting, and only 6 rebounds.

Chelsea: The Blues lost again, this time defending their Football League Cup title from last year. They lost on the road to Stoke City 5-4 on penalties after being tied 1-1 after extra time. This loss comes on the round of 16, another disappointing and confusing loss to start the season. I’m not sure if firing Jose Mourinho is the right move, but it seems he needs to have some sort of historic win streak to save his job at this point. Hopefully, whoever takes over can make a big signing in January, possibly Paul Pogba or possibly Messi if the rumors of him wanting to leave prove to be true.

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