Tim Duncan & Retirement

After 18 seasons, 1,572 games and 5 NBA titles, I consider Tim Duncan to be the greatest power forward of all time.  To be able to score and rebound as well as he has for so long is ridiculous.  That being said, I think it is time for Duncan to announce his retirement.  Every sports fan knows there is little that is more uncomfortable than watching a future hall-of-famer struggle to be even average, hindering their team from moving on with a fresh start.  When I think about Brett Favre or Shaq, I don’t really think about the great parts of their careers.  I think of Favre playing his last season in Minnesota, getting drilled by defenders and having to end his NFL record for consecutive games played, and I think of Shaq in a Cleveland or Boston jersey, overweight and averaging a third of what he used to.  If Duncan retires now, after the best series of these playoffs, he will be one of the few athletes who avoids an uncomfortable ending.  The last images of him playing for the San Antonio Spurs could be him averaging 18 points and 11 rebounds a game, out playing people over a decade younger.

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